South Bend Tribune – Vote worker tied to fake petitions

Barack Obama 2008 Presidential Election Fraud Indiana,


SOUTH BEND — A Mishawaka man has been linked to some of the pages filled with fake signatures submitted as part of Barack Obama’s petition to be on the 2008 Indiana primary ballot.

A forensic document analyst hired by The Tribune and Howey Politics Indiana identified Dustin Blythe, 37, by matching the handwriting on his voter registration card and two political petitions with that on nine suspicious pages from the Obama petition.

The analyst, Erich Speckin, concluded that all of the printing on the nine pages definitely is Blythe’s, and the signatures likely are his, as well.

“That’s speaking only forensically,” Speckin said. “That doesn’t even address the common sense that if he is definitely the one who printed all of the other information and he is most likely the one who signed them, he is that much more likely to be the guy. It’s just common sense.”

It is legal on political petitions for anyone to write the printed name, birth date and address of a person, but only the person named is allowed to sign the document.

Blythe isn’t the only person whose handwriting reoccurs on the suspicious petition pages. Speckin said it appears Blythe and three other people filled more than 20 pages of the Obama petition.

Also, a source who claims direct knowledge of the petition faking told The Tribune there were seven people, including Blythe, involved in the effort. That source’s comments were made before Speckin made his analysis, and Speckin arrived at his conclusion without knowledge of the source’s comments.

Barack Obama 2008 Presidential Election Fraud Indiana,