Marcus Moats-Com, etc. v. Janie Zart, M.D.


RE:      Marcus Moats-Com, etc.  v. Janie Zart, M.D.

Lake County Court of Common Please, Case No. 05 CV 000095

Dear Mr. Speckin:

This letter will serve as confirmation that the above-captioned case has resolved.  Although I cannot share the specific terms of the settlement, I will tell you that the resolution will provide Marcus Como the ability to have the best medical care during the course of his life and help him cope with the obvious wage loss claim that he would have had.

On behalf of Marcus and his family, I wish to thank you personally for taking the time to review this case and participate in this matter.  Obviously, we cannot successfully pursue matters in cases in merit such as this with out competent individuals such as your self to review and testify.

Realizing that you have invested time into this case, I want to make certain that you have no time outstanding that is uncompensated for.  At your earliest availability, please review your file and forward any bill that is outstanding.  For convenience, please fax that bill to my attention at (440) 442-8281.  If there is any billing for deposition time, please make sure to itemize that out as the opposing counsel would be responsible for the same.

Again, thank you very much.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or my paralegal, Tina Morton, at (440) 995-0105.

Very truly yours,

James M. Kelley, III