Conti Enterprises, Inc. v. U.S.D.A. Natural Resources Conservation Service


United States Department of Agriculture

RE:      Conti Enterprises, Inc. v. U.S.D.A. Natural Resources Conservation Service  AGBCA #97-191-1

Dear Erich:

I want to thank you for your expert, and timely assistance in helping the Government defends against Conti Enterprises’ $6 million claim.  Your expert analysis of Conti’s construction superintendent’s work diary was the most important evidence in the Government’s defense and when confronted with your analysis, and other matters, Conti decided to drop its claim entirely.

Thank you for your patience, and a job well done.  I learned a great deal from talking with you, and consider your firm to be a resource to be drawn on in the future.


Nicholas Mamone




Eliot Spitzer Attorney General Regional Offices

Marty Mack Deputy Attorney General

U.S.D.V., W.DN.Y.

Dear Mr. Speckin:

This letter is to advise you that on today, Thursday, May 6, 1999, the jury returned a favorable verdict in the above-captioned matter, dismissing the case against my client.  This result was due in part to your testimony rendered in this trial on behalf of Officer Richter.

Thank you very much for your assistance to my efforts in this case.  Should the need ever arise again, I will not hesitate to contact you for future assistance in litigation matters.

Kindly send me your statement for services rendered so that I can complete my financial obligation to you.  Again, it was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to the opportunity for us to collaborate again sometime in the future.

Very truly yours,

Jerry McGrier, Sr.
Assistant Attorney General





Marcus Moats-Com, etc. v. Janie Zart, M.D.


RE:      Marcus Moats-Com, etc.  v. Janie Zart, M.D.

Lake County Court of Common Please, Case No. 05 CV 000095

Dear Mr. Speckin:

This letter will serve as confirmation that the above-captioned case has resolved.  Although I cannot share the specific terms of the settlement, I will tell you that the resolution will provide Marcus Como the ability to have the best medical care during the course of his life and help him cope with the obvious wage loss claim that he would have had.

On behalf of Marcus and his family, I wish to thank you personally for taking the time to review this case and participate in this matter.  Obviously, we cannot successfully pursue matters in cases in merit such as this with out competent individuals such as your self to review and testify.

Realizing that you have invested time into this case, I want to make certain that you have no time outstanding that is uncompensated for.  At your earliest availability, please review your file and forward any bill that is outstanding.  For convenience, please fax that bill to my attention at (440) 442-8281.  If there is any billing for deposition time, please make sure to itemize that out as the opposing counsel would be responsible for the same.

Again, thank you very much.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or my paralegal, Tina Morton, at (440) 995-0105.

Very truly yours,

James M. Kelley, III







Burke v. Samaritan Health Services, Inc. et al.


Richard M. Rogers
Patrick L.  Block

Re:       Burke v. Samaritan Health Services, Inc. et al.

Multnomah County Circuit Court Case No. 0605-04819

TRIAL DATE:  September 24, 2007

Dear Erich:

I am happy to tell you that the Sydnie Burke case has settled.  Will you please wrap up your final bill and sent it to us?  I don’t think we owe you anything but I always want to make sure.

This family really held the defendant’s feet to the fire – we obtained a higher settlement than we ordinarily would have simply because of a punitive damages claim – that claim was added because a short three months before Sydnie died, a little girl named Shakela Courtney died after being released from the same ER – we represented that family too.  During the course of discovery depositions in this case, Rich asked if any changes had been made in the ER since Shakela died – every single person said no and that they hadn’t done a peer review in the pediatric CME for five years for all ER doctors, ER nurses and anesthesiologists – this CME will be monitored by the judge in this case. Finally, the release the family will sign will not contain any language that says this is a doubtful and disputed claim.

Hopefully this little girl’s death will help bring changes to this hospital and the Samaritan system..  Thank you so much or helping us – please call me if you have any questions.

Sincerely yours,

Penny Lippold, Assistant to

Richard. M. Rogers