Roger J. Bolhouse, MBA – Forensic Analyst, Consultant, Laboratory Director

Roger J. Bolhouse, MBA – Forensic Analyst, Consultant, Laboratory Director Download CV (pdf format)

Roger Bolhouse – Forensic Analyst, Consultant, Laboratory Director

· Employed with Speckin Forensic Laboratories- May, 2000-present
Laboratory Director
Forensic Analyst and Consultant: Duties include administration and technical supervision for a large full service forensic laboratory. This laboratory provides services worldwide for civil and criminal cases. Consultation on most areas of forensic science is provided to clients consisting of attorneys, corporations, courts and various units of government worldwide.

· Michigan State Police (1974-2000)
Professional History with Michigan State Police: Commenced career with MSP in 1974 as a trooper in Blissfield, MI. Transferred into crime lab system in 1978; promoted to Detective/Sergeant in 1980; Detective/Lieutenant in 1985; Detective First Lieutenant in 1993. Worked in various technical positions and performed numerous crime scene investigations in statewide crime lab system until appointment Trace Evidence Unit supervisor in 1985. Promoted to Director of Bridgeport Laboratory in 1993 and transferred to the Grand Rapids Laboratory and served as Director (D/F/Lt.) until retirement in April 2000. Duties included responsibility for lab operations and supervision of 37 employees; providing forensic lab services to 19 counties in west Michigan; quality assurance and quality control; financial and budget reporting and monitoring; conflict resolution of personnel; supervisor of public relations with area news media, federal, state and local governments, prosecutors, judges, and other criminal justice agencies. Position also includes speaking engagements and presentations on behalf of MSP to area colleges and public schools.


· Prior Chairman—Trace Evidence Proficiency Review Committee—
(paint, glass, shoe/tire impressions, fibers, metals, arson etc.) for American
Society of Crime Lab Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD/LAB)
· Prior Inspector— ASCLD/LAB—Accreditation Inspector
· Prior Chairman—Digital Photography and Imaging Committee, MSP
· Past President—West Michigan Law Enforcement Association
· Member-American Academy of Forensic Sciences
· Life Member-International Association for Identification


· Hope College, Holland MichiganGraduated 1971; Bachelor of Arts
(Major: Biology; Minor: Chemistry)
· MBA from University of Phoenix
· Management training: Numerous training courses as part of advancement
with Michigan State Police (detail list available.)


· Polarized Light Microscopy, McCrone Research Institute,
· Instrumental Analysis of Explosives, FBI Academy, Quantico, VA.
· Basic-Gas & Liquid Chromatography, MSP- McNair & Stafford
· Instrumental methods-Gas & Liquid Chromatography, FBI Academy
· Scanning Electron Microscopy, McCrone Research Institute
· Fire Related Chemistry, Ohio Fire Academy, Columbus, Ohio
· Detection of Arson Accelerants, ATF Academy, Rockville, MD.
· Laboratory Analysis of Arson Evidence, FBI Academy, Quantico, VA.
· Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) I, II & III, Bowdoin College, Maine
· Forensic Soils Analysis, McCrone Research Institute, Chicago, IL.
· Forensic Photography, (MSP) Nikon
· Footwear Enhancement & Identification (MSP) Dr. Roger Davis Scotland Yard
· Advanced Footwear Identification (MSP) Royal Canadian Mounted Police
· Advanced Footwear Identification, (MSP) FBI, William Bodziak
· Tire Footprint Identification (MSP) Peter McDonald
· Blood Flight Characteristics (MSP) Avery
· Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (MSP) Epstein & Laber
· Advanced Hair and Fiber Comparison (MSP) Barry Gaudette-RCMP
· Auto Lamp and Filament Examination (MSP) Minnesota Hwy Patrol
· Motor Vehicle Traffic Accident Investigation (MSP) Northwestern Univ.
· Basic Data Recovery and Analysis Computer Training Program,
The National Cybercrime Training Partnership, Normal, Illinois
· The Physical Significance of Bloodstain Evidence, Laboratory of Forensic
Science-Bloodstain Evidence Institute, Corning, New York
· High Technology Crime Investigation Association-Regional Computer Forensic
Group Conference, George Mason University
· ENCASE Intermediate and Analysis Forensic Computer Training-Guidance

· Latent fingerprints, Crime Scene Investigation, Trace Evidence, Arson, Gas Chromatography, Scanning Electron Microscopy, FTIR, Footwear and Tiretrack Comparison; Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation, Analyses and Comparison of: Paints, Soils, Fabric, Safe Insulations, Ink Dating and Glass.

ACTIVITIES Prior Teaching/Lecturing Experience
· Michigan State University
· Calvin College
· Aquinas College
· Lansing Community College
· Michigan State Police Training Academy

RECENT PUBLICATION: How a Forensic Laboratory Can Help Your Case, The General Practitioner

Download CV (pdf format)

Roger Bolhouse – Forensic Analyst, Consultant, Laboratory Director