Dr. Laurence Robert Simson, Jr., M.D. – Forensic Pathologist

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Dr. Laurence Robert Simson, Jr., M.D. – Forensic Pathologist

· Denison University, Granville, Ohio, B.S. 1957
· University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, M.D. 1962

· St. Luke’s Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio 1962-1963

· Department of Pathology, The University 1963-1967 of Michigan Medical
Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan (Anatomic and Clinical Pathology)
· USAF School of Aerospace Medicine 1969 Brooks Air Force Base,
Texas (Aerospace Medicine Primary Course)
· The Southwestern Institute of Forensic 1973 Sciences. The University of Texas
(March-June) Southwestern, Dallas, Texas

· Ohio (35-02-6026-S) 1962-present
· Michigan (#4301026232) 1964-present

· The American Board of Pathology
· Anatomic and Clinical Pathology 1968
· Forensic Pathology 1974

· Private Practice of Forensic Pathology, Lansing, Michigan
· Lansing Area Pathologists, P.C. 1971-1986
· Laurence R. Simson, Jr., M.D.,P.C. 1987-present
· Associate Pathologist, Sparrow Hospital 1971-1999
· Co-Director of Laboratories,Sparrow Hospital 1975-1985 & 1993-1995
· Medical Director, Michigan Tissue Bank 1993-1998
· Forensic Pathologist, Sparrow Hospital 1974-1999
· Director, Forensic Pathology Services, 1995-1999 Sparrow Hospital
· Member, Medical Staff, Sparrow Hospital 1971-present
· Consultant in Forensic Pathology and 1974-present Forensic Medicine

· Member, Medical Staff Executive Committee, Sparrow Hospital 1975-1985
· Chief of Medical Staff, Sparrow Hospital 1982-1983
· Member, Board of Trustees, Sparrow Hospital 1982-1985

· Assistant Clinical Professor of Pathology Michigan State University 1971-1975
· Associate Clinical Professor of Pathology Michigan State University 1975-1978
· Clinical Professor of Pathology Michigan State University 1993-1999
· Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Criminal Michigan State University
· Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Criminal Michigan State University
· Adjunct Professor, School of Criminal Justice, Michigan State University
· Special Guest Lecturer in Aviation Pathology 1971-1983
· USAF School of Aerospace Medicine Brooks AFB, Texas
· Adjunct Instructor, USAF School of Aerospace 1983-1994
· Medicine, Brooks AFB, Texas Council of Forensic Pathology 1978-1980
· American Society of Clinical Pathologists


· Consultant Forensic Pathologist to the Medical 1976-1999
· Examiner, Ingham County, Michigan
· National Consultant to Surgeon General USAF, 1979-1994
(Aviation and Forensic Pathology)
· Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, 1980-1992
· Great Lakes Region, American Red Cross
· Chairman, Scientific Advisory Committee, 1982-1986
· Great Lakes Region, American Red Cross


· American Society of Clinical Pathologists, Fellow
· American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Fellow
· National Association of Medical Examiners
· Aerospace Medical Association, Associate Fellow
· Michigan Society of Pathologists
· Michigan Association of Medical Examiners
· Michigan State Medical Society Ingham County (Michigan) Medical Society

· United States Air Force Active Duty: 27 July 67 – 15 October 71
· (Lt. Col) Chief, Laboratory Services, USAF Regional Hospital,
Sheppard AFB, Texas – August, 1997-July, 1970
· Assistant for Aerospace Pathology , HQ Air Training Command,
Randolph AFB, Texas – August, 1970-October, 1971
· Military Consultant in Pathology to the Surgeon General,
USAF, July, 1968-July, 1970
· Consultant Pathologist, USAF Medical Service School
Sheppard AFB, Texas – June, 1968-July, 1970
· Lecturer in Aerospace Pathology, USAF School of Aerospace
Medicine, Brooks AFB, Texas- 1969-1971
· Aeronautical Rating (Flight Surgeon) – May, 1969
· Chief, Aerospace Medicine, USAF Regional Hospital, Sheppard AFB,
Texas- 1969-1970
· Flight Surgeon, Randolph AFB, Texas – 1970-1971


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Dr. Laurence Robert Simson, Jr., M.D. – Forensic Pathologist