May, 2016

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Alterations, Additions & Rewritings of Medical and Business Records

Alterations, Additions & Rewritings of Medical and Business Records

Lawyers are interested in the forensic examination of disputed records for three main reasons: Case value, avoiding client perjury, and due diligence to the client. Many attorneys are aware that Forensic Document Examiners can determine the authenticity of a signature and do various examinations on typewriters (see below) and printed documents. However; many attorneys are not aware of examinations to detect additions, alterations, or rewritings.
Our laboratory can:
1. Detect an alteration made with a different pen, albeit a color matched ink.
2. Determine the age of a document.
3. Determine the age of a particular ink.
4. Determine when an ink was first commercially available.
5. Determine if additions, alterations, or rewritings of records have occurred, when it happened, who did it, and what pages were replaced.

In a case regarding the record tampering issue to be deemed significant, an addition to a record should have at least one of the following criteria:
1. The intentional concealment of a change that is not clearly noted but takes instrumentation to detect.
2. An addition or change to a critical entry.
3. An entry that was not made contemporaneously with the other entries with no notation of late charting.
4. A pattern of alterations to the critical entries.
5. Testimony is different than the forensic evidence present.
6. The whiting-out, scribbling out or obliteration of an entry.
7. The removal of pages from the records, or expanding the chart with pages created after the fact.

Additions that are made with a color matched ink can usually be detected by the use of an infra-red image converter or possibly an argon or krypton laser. The difference in the ink in this range of light is caused by the different excitation levels in the inks. If the inks are different, one ink may luminesce while the other will not and filters out. This can be captured photographically and makes an excellent court exhibit as shown in figures A through C below, or on closed circuit video.
This is especially important when the questioned entry is the lynch-pin entry in a case. Some signs to look for that may indicate record tampering: 1. Crowded entries. 2. Entries compressed around other entries. 3. Entries made in the margins or along the bottom of the page. 4. Slant, pressure, and uniformity of handwriting. 5. Relative length of questioned entries to other entries in the chart. 6. Unnatural spacing between entries. 7. Entries that shift the blame onto the patient such as pt. refused or non compliant. 8. Differences between what the client says and what the records indicate. 9. Strange notations such as complained of NO chest pain.
We also have the ability to chemically or optically remove obliterating inks, stamps, white out, or factors blocking the reading of a particular entry.

Speckin Forensic Laboratories Global Presence Makes The Difference

Speckin Forensic Laboratory International Forensic Firm DNA Handwriting Ink Dating Crime Scene Investgation Fraud

Speckin Forensic Laboratories has been involved in cases all around the world, from North America, South America, Australia, Europe, Asia, Japan, Hong Kong and all 50 of the U.S. states*. Our examiners have presented testimony in over 30 states in the United States, as well as, Jamaica, Israel, Mexico, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan and Canada in Federal Court, Circuit Court, District Court, Supreme Court, NASD Arbitrations, Employment Arbitrations, Depositions, Municipal Court, Board of Canvasers, Federal Grand Juries, Detroit Recorder’s Court, and Union Arbitrations on over 1000 occasions.

Speckin Forensic Laboratory employ’s three document examiners, one fingerprint examiner, an ink dating chemist, two DNA consultants, one toxicologist, one arson and fire investigator, three crime scene experts, a trace evidence and impression evidence examiner, two computer forensic and cell phone examiners as well as two secretaries.

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Computer and Cell Phone Forensics

computer cell phone forensics experts

During the last five years, there have been exponential advances in technology and with the advent of the Internet; computers have become pervasive in everyday life. As a result, digital data in some form or another will be critical to most types of civil litigation and criminal proceedings.
The tools for conducting forensic examinations have also rapidly evolved, expediting the ability for securing evidentiary images, guaranteeing the integrity of digital evidence, and reducing the time and resources necessary for conducting a comprehensive examination of electronic media.
There is a rapidly emerging trend to use computer forensics for a broad range of civil litigation matters involving intellectual property rights, trademark infringement, misuse and theft of trade secrets, patent and copyright violations, as well as more traditional matters such as employment law litigation and criminal fraud.

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DNA Serology Fingerprints Palm Prints Ink Dating Arson Investigation and Fraud – Contact Speckin Forensics! (copy)

DNA Serology Fingerprints Palm Prints Ink Dating Arson Investigation and Fraud - Contact Speckin Forensics!

Speckin Forensic Laboratories is an International forensic firm specializing in consulting with plaintiff and defense lawyers involving issues concerning: Forgery, Sequencing of Entries, Examinations of Medical and Business Records for Alterations, Additions, Rewritings, Ink Dating and Paper, Typewriting, Facsimiles, Photocopies, FingerprintsAnalytical and Forensic Chemistry, Biological Fluid ID & DNA, Firearms and Toolmark Examination, Shoe and Tire Prints, Trace, Toxicology, Handwriting, Crime Scene Reconstruction, Cell Phone Forensic, Mortgage Fraud, “Robo Signing” Examination and Fraud,  Criminal Forensic Matters and Computer Forensics.

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